Work at Home Typing – How to Get Started

For those interested in work at home typing, a good option to pursue is medical or legal transcription. Transcribers typically work as independent contractors for larger companies. As a transcriber, you receive audio files of medical documents or legal briefs, etc., and you need to transcribe them into text documents.

If you are interested in working at home typing, the best way to check the available work is to locate companies and / or training institutions. Search Google for "medical (or legal) transcription training" to begin. There are many companies who need this service but most of them require some type of training.

Freelancing is another option for those who are interested in ways to work at home typing or using their computer. Freelancers work on their own, as well as advertising their services themselves. Many larger companies hire freelancers to work as independent contractors.

If you are interesting in pursuing a freelance writing position, writing samples are a necessity. You will be able to promote your work after you've built up a portfolio of the type of writing you can do. Promote yourself through discussion forums, a personal website, or by placing a classified ad. Freelance writing jobs are also frequently posted on various internet sites.

A good opportunity to work at home typing is data entry. Employees are often allowed to telecommute by the major companies who outsource these jobs. You may also find a job is through a data entry agency. Data entry technicians use a pre-determined format to enter information into either a spreadsheet or document.

It is possible to use your computer and your typing skills to work at home. Most people find that all they need to work at home typing is a computer and good word processing software that they know how to use well. The most critical thing is to start looking now for that perfect opportunity that will let you get started working at home.

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