Using a Cash Register

A cash register is an electronic tool used to calculate and record the sales transactions within a store. It includes a cash drawer that will be used to store cash. There are different types of cash register, but they usually have the same keys and functions. Here are the different steps of operation of this machine.

First, connect the machine to the nearest outlet. Some machines must be started using the main power button. The amount 0.00 is displayed in the display window. Then, set the time and date of receipt and select the printing options.

After that, you are ready to begin your first transaction.

Press the figures indicating the amount you want to encode such as 14.95, then press X, which means the number of items sold, and then press Enter to get the full amount.

After obtaining the total amount, enter the total amount the customer pays you (if using cash), or press "credit" to pay by credit card (a second machine must be attached for this purpose).

If paying with cash, the drawer will open. You may then put the money in and get the necessary change from bills or coins inside the drawer. The receipt will automatically pop out of the printer, displaying the exact amount you entered, the number of items and the total amount of all items purchased.

Then, the display screen turns back to 0.00, and is ready for the next transaction.

Some advice

In the treatment of the machine, observe and follow strict procedures and procedures clearly stated in the manual. This includes safety rules, the programming of the department key, the basic configuration and operation, and the programming of the price of each item to be included in the machine.

It also includes the preparation and use of discounts, the merchandise subtotal, registration fees and payments by check, registration of returned goods, the way to make corrections in the records, and the daily sales report. It is important to understand and correctly make all these operations in order to obtain a good accounting of all transactions.

To avoid being stuck right in the middle of a crowd of clients, always have a supply of receipt paper ready at all times. You can also greatly increase the speed of operations by using a price scanner. Finally, an extra battery may be useful for the items depending on it, like some credit card machines.

Finally, in case of problems with the machine, call the agent or service center for repair, but never try to fix it by yourself.

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