The Unclaimed Funds Business – How You Can Make $100,000 From Home This Year

You might not think the unclaimed funds business would be booming in a bad economy. After all, how could now be a time when people are forgetting about money (which is then turned over to the government)? It seems counter-intuitive. True, most people aren’t forgetting about bank accounts. But the unclaimed funds business deals with much more than forgotten stock dividends and bank accounts, and opportunity to make huge finder’s fees – from home – reconnecting people with their missing funds has never been greater.

So how is a bad economy creating missing money? The answer: real estate overages. Specifically, tax foreclosure and mortgage foreclosure overages are being created daily everywhere in the United States. When the government or a bank forecloses on a delinquent property, it is eventually sold at auction. And any money bid over the amount owed, is an overage that generally belongs to the owner. This is where the unclaimed funds business gets interesting.

You’d think these owners would never walk away from tens of thousands of dollars – especially if they’re in a position where they can’t pay their taxes. You’d be dead wrong. Owners often don’t know they’re owed the overage, or weren’t even living in the property in the first place. Many people who lose their property to tax sale, believe it or not, don’t even care. They live in another state, the property is a pain, and they decide to just stop paying for it.

What this means is that it is a common occurrence for people to be owed large sums of money they don’t know about. People working in the unclaimed funds business find records of the overages, do the legwork to track down the owner (often in another state), and offer to help collect the money for a percentage of what’s collected – all while keeping the source of the money secret.

As you can imagine, these funds are often for lots of money. And because of a legal loophole, there are no restrictions on who can work this aspect of the unclaimed funds business, or how much they can charge. Real estate overage finders often charge 30-50%.

This means you only have to find a few overages and a few owners each month to make a six-figure income. And best of all, this is an entirely home-based business. All aspects can be worked remotely, from finding records, to finding owners, to signing necessary paperwork. For at least the next 5-10 years, there will arguably be no better way to earn a living from home.

Source by Maggie Dawson

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