The Importance of Rapport in Direct Sales

In direct sales rapport with the prospect greatly enhances your probability of closing the sale. To be effective at using rapport you need to understand how your prospect communicate and process information. Does this sound a bit farfetched to you? Frankly, it is challenging to learn this and requires constant practice.

The first step in understanding how your prospects communicate is to first understand how you as sales professional communicate. Do you prefer to have thins explained to you in a visual manner or through written materials? Maybe you like to understand how something works before you obtain and use it. Once you identify the manner in which you communicate then you will be able to identify this in direct sales when dealing with prospects. You may then adjust your sales presentation to maximizeize your ideas accepted.

During your meeting with prospects you may have noted the different speaking tones body language and eye movements. Eye movements can be a key indicator of how your prospects communicate. For example, if the prospect looks up a lot, while you are speaking then they most likely communicate in a visual manner. The use of graphics illustrations and diagram should be most effective to such prospects. If the prospect looks from side to side a lot then the use of written materials would be most effective. If the prospect tend to look down a lot then using words to appeal to their emotions would be cost-effective.

Finally, learn to rely on your instinct because your instincts are usually correct especially if you use it constantly. By internally monitoring how your prospect is communicating you can ask questions that will enable you to see tings from their perspective.In direct sales, this enables you to find a common ground where you can make the prospect more comfortable and offer a solution to their needs .

Having good rapport skills in direct sales will enable you to attain a higher level of success.

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