The Correct Path to Making Money Online

I've made my first penny on internet at the age of 14 when I was a high school kid back in Turkey. Maybe I should not say a penny since my paycheck was around $ 1000. My earnings reached about $ 20,000 in a few months. However, many good affiliate programs started to ban my country and I decided to stop building websites. I started to prepare myself for college exams. I made really good money considering the fact that internet was not really widely used and I did not understand much about internet marketing.

During my college years, I made a second attempt to build my little empire but I did not realize how quickly the rules of the game have changed. I failed to generate a reasonable income due to high competition and low traffic on my websites. Why did I fail to make money online? What was I doing wrong? Or let me ask you: Do you generate a good income by doing an online business?

Internet is a massive platform and both power of your enemies and your friends constantly changes. One day you receive lots of hits from Altavista, next day you learn that it is killed by Google. You hope your traffic will go up by exchanging links with some people, but next day you also learn your page rank did go down because Google does not like you anymore. You believe creating a blog site and putting 20 articles will generate some cash but then you learn that your opponent has already purchased 200 articles from India and spans them over a zillion different websites so that your article will never show up in search results.

Unfortunately, as an internet marketer you have to consistently learn new ways to pull traffic to your websites and adapt new strategies to convert numbers to cash. However, just like you there are thousands of people out there hoping to generate revenues from affiliate programs or Google Ads. I have bunch of friends who create free movie download sites but do not generate any revenues. How was I making more money than them with less traffic 16 years ago? And, how can you make good money online?

You should always keep in mind that the way we generate revenue did not change much in the internet business. Big traffic sources such as Google or Facebook may change the rules of the traffic but this should not stop you building sites that promote other companies' products. People who hope that someone may click to Google Ads or banners are not playing this game as good as internet marketers. Since these people are not trying to market a product or products, their design often lacks to sell anything including ads themselves. They believe they can put everything in some sort of automation and then the site itself will consistently generate gold. Please do not go this way.

I believe in the power of communities and I suggest you to join a powerful one where you can learn the ways to generate traffic and how to convert them to real gold. I solved most of my problems from a powerful forum where people are signed up to do real business. You should definitely follow my way too if you are lost and can not make money online. Please do not fall into the trap of many spammers in public forums if you are new to this business. Please visit my blog, in which I show you the correct path to create a successful business.

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