The Beginners Guide to GPT – Get Paid To

I have been involved with GPT (Get paid to) sites for 3 years now and I know more about them then most people I come across. I owned a successful GPT site for 2 years until a changing event occurred and the site was left in the hands of someone who let it go and I lost everything. Since then I have been using my knowledge of GPT sites to make money using them instead of owning my own.

Get Paid to sites are sites that pay you to complete offer and / or surveys. The pay can range from $ 0.25 for completing a simple 5 minute survey to $ 100 for signing up for a service like cable or a hosting plan. I stick to the little amounts between $ 0.25 to $ 2.50, that way I do not have to invest anything but time. If you stick to the surveys and email submits then you can easily make 2-3 hundred dollars a month with about 1 hour of work a day.

There are ways you can make a ton more using Get Paid to sites. Most sites offer a referral bonus that is equal to about 10% to 15% of whatever money the person you refer makes using the GPT site. If you refer 10 people and they make $ 100 each a month and you get 10% then you are getting an additional $ 100 a month from those 10 people. This works great if you have 100 or 1000 people that you have referred. I have had months where I was making 10 times more from referrals than I was from my own efforts.

It costs nothing to sign up for a GPT site and you will most likely get a sign up bonus of anywhere from $ 5 to $ 10. They will never ask you to spend a penny and they will never spam you with worthless emails. It sounds too good to be true but its not. Here is how it works. Companies pay these websites a certain amount of money to send guaranteed customers to their products. For example, a shoe company will pay a GPT site $ 5 for every customer that buys a pair of shoes. The GPT site will then pay you, the customer $ 3 for purchasing the shoes. The reason the company is paying the GPT site so much is because it is a guaranteed sale. Instead of paying millions of dollars on TV and Radio advertising where they are not guaranteed a sale they just set up a GPT ad and get guaranteed sales that benefit them and the customer.

This is a genius idea and we are lucky to be getting into this while it is still in its infancy.

Good luck on your GPT endeavors.

Source by Shawn Tester

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