Team Fundraising With Cash Calendars

Team fundraising is easy to do as long as you have the right product to sell under your wing. Choosing the right item to offer people in your community is very important as this will serve as your product will serve as your cash magnet. The better your product is at catching the interest of people, the better your profit generation will be when you wave the flag, which signals the start of your campaign.

People love cash and they easily get excited at the thought of getting the chance to win a bucket load of money, which is the best reason why the lottery is so popular even though it only offers pieces of paper with numbers on them. One of the best team fundraising products that you can use in your campaign would be a cash calendar. This is basically a brand new innovation that has been done to make calendars more saleable. This fundraising product involves collecting attractive photographs and having them printed on calendars.

These calendars are then sold to the supporters for a set price. The twist to that is added to the mix is the raffle. Through this, the calendar is turned into a raffle ticket that will allow the customers to get the chance to win a cool prize. This twist allows you to add more value to your calendars. The extra value will be used to purchase the prizes of the raffle. On the other hand, you can also scout for local business establishments in your community who will be willing to donate items, which you can use as prizes for your raffle.

Cash calendars are typically sold at $20 each. If you want to further increase your profits, you can offer custom made calendars, which can be made with pictures from your customers. Since you’re are going to increase the cost of your calendars because of the raffle, take some serious effort in choosing excellent and interesting prizes. You need to know that the higher the cost of an item, the smaller the possibility of people buying it. You need to make your prizes as your selling point. Through excellent prizes, you will easily and quickly catch the attention of people in your community. This in turn will let you increase your number of prospect customers.

It’s a good tip to base the number and value of your prizes on the estimate number of sales that you think your volunteers will be able to get at the end of their sales campaign.

Doing this type of campaign involves some vital considerations. First among these would be getting the permit for the raffle because some localities require such for games of chance. Another thing to consider would be the number of calendars that you’re going to produce. You need to come up with a good number of products so that you can offer good prizes to people especially if you plan on purchasing the prizes through a certain percentage of the revenue that you’ll be generating from sales.

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