Start a Personal Assistant Business and Make Money Now

If you want to start a personal assistant business, hold onto your hat! Why? Because you are going to love this easy home business. Here is what all the excitement is about – you work few hours doing pleasant work and for this – you get paid royally.

The following are some major points about this home business:

1) What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

A personal assistant works for a person or family and tend to loans, correspondence, research, computer searches, appointments, gift buying, and reservations. Other duties may include the hiring of household staff, involving the client in the car to doctors' appointments, and other engagements.

No household jobs such as preparing meals, cleaning, food shopping or running small errands should be included in your service. Childcare, tutoring, or coaching should be avoided if at all possible. These jobs keep you committed for a lot more time.

2) How Much Can You Earn?

How much you charge depends on the type of services you provide and the number of hours you work. You should receive an annual salary rather than an hourly wage. That way, if you finish the work in two hours rather than six, it will not make a difference in your salary.

Aim for an annual salary of approximately $ 50,000 per client. This is a base salary. Charge extra for special services or longer hours. Once you know what your normal working hours are, you may be able to take on another client.

3) How to Start a Personal Assistant Business.

To start this home based business, it is vital to present yourself as a professional who has his or her own business. It is your choice to take on a new client at this time because you have an opening in your schedule.

Have the client sign your contract. After consulting with the client, spell out in the contract the exact services you will provide and state the fee you agree upon. You should be paid a month in advance.

Most clients ask for references so try to have at least three solid references. In addition, it is helpful to be able to present a bank reference. Be sure that you are bonded and carry insurance as you will be working inside the client's home and you do not want to be wrongly blamed for theft. You should also carry disability and health insurance.

It helps to show prospective clients that you belong to the Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau. As well as a small business association.

You may want to ask your clients for references. This is entirely appropriate as you are a professional who is taking them on as a client.

4) How to Find New Clients.

Once you get used to your client's schedule, you may find you have time for a second client, and, eventually, a third.

The best way of finding new clients is by way of recommendation. You can also place a small ad in an upscale magazine. Once you have your first client, let it be known that you do this type of work.

This is great work to be in. Some personal assistants work only a few hours, three days a week. The pay is very substantial. You may find it a dream come true to start a personal assistant business and have plenty of free time for yourself.

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