Owning A Home Based Business – Turn Your Dream Into A Reality

Are you one who dreams of owning your own home based business and being your own boss but are to scared or do not know how to take that first step? You are most definitely not alone. More people than you would think have a fear of venturing out of their comfort zone. Do not let this fear hold you back from following your dream. If you take it one step at a time you may not even realize that you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

You do not have to start out by jumping off in the deep end. It is OK to go to the shallow end and work your way up from there.

Before you start out, take some time to figure out a few things about yourself. Are you a self starter? Are you looking to change your current situation? Are you tired of working for someone else? Are you a self motivated person who is willing to set up guidelines for yourself and your business and stick to those guidelines? Are you prepared to work and learn so you can get your home based business up and running?

Now you need to figure out what your goals are. We already know that a couple of your goals are to own your own home based business and to be your own boss. Do some dreaming here when you write these down. Make sure that your goals are achievable. If you set your goals way to high you will only find yourself disappointed and possibly make you want to give up. Be realistic in your goal setting. If you are doing this to bring in extra income, how much more per month do you want to make? If you are doing this to replace your 9-5 job, how much money do you need to make before you quit? If you want to spend more time with you family, travel, what ever it is that you want in life, set it as a goal, an achievable goal, and go for it.

Next you need to make a plan. Here are a few ideas. Figure out what kind of business you are going to do from your home. Do your research. How much money can you afford to spend to get your business up and running? Yes, it does take some money to make money. How many hours per day are you going to devote to your business? Once you figure that out you need to set those hours aside. Where at in your home are you going to put your office?

Now is the time to start making your dreams come true!

Source by Kelly French

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