Number 1 Secret To Finding Profitable Niches That Make Fast Easy Cash

There are lots of training videos that share the same niche brainstorming and finding methods.

Here's what you usually do:

  1. Brainstorm ideas from magazine, book websites and affiliate networks,
  2. Do keyword research on Google Keyword Tool
  3. Use your own common sense to look out for good niches

Think about it, if all the training out there is teaching the same tactics and every one does the same thing, what makes you stand out?

If everyone uses the same tactics, they will probably find the same niches. They might get lucky but the success rate would be lower.

And why would you want to spend hours looking for niches when you can do it in minutes?

I am going to share the number one secret of finding profitable niches that I personally use to unforgettable profitable niches. This method will save you hours of painful and tedious research or hundreds of dollars you will spend on unreliable software.

I call this method "niche reversal" and it is so simple you will be applying it without even knowing it. After I realized the power of this one method, I was able to find killer niches to sell affiliate products in.

Here's what you need to do.

  1. Create a list of top Internet Marketers who regularly market private Label Rights (PLR) products. Some greats include Simon Hodgkinson and Jeemy Gislason, or Paul Counts.
  2. Sign up for their lists.
  3. Look at what private label rights products they are marketing to their lists.
  4. Look for products in the same niche to market. If you have the cash, invest in a few private label rights products you are interested in and use it as your own product.

Why does this method work?

  1. These marketers are experts at finding new niches to exploit. They spend years and sometimes thousands of dollars looking for niches. So when they produce a private label rights product, you know they have a good niche they are looking into.
  2. The fact that they spend a few hundred creating a private label rights product means that they are pretty sure their niches will be profitable. Especially if they are going to sell their subscribers a business in a box solution, you can be sure they will put in the extra effort to do their research well.

All you have to do is to leakage on their efforts and you will be able to enter the same niches as these experts.

Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!

Source by Adam Teow

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