Making Money Quick Wealth Secret – Learning to Clean Your Mess

Wealth Secrets really are simple. In fact, wealth secrets find home within universal laws of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Sometimes our effort to achieve great wealth is programmed by our focus. It's hard to see the big picture when you have messes in your life.

Messes come in a lot of different forms. Small messes can be seen all around. Just look in that junk drawer you've meant to organize for ten years. Do you have a garage that needs to be cleaned? What about your closet? These are the physical messes. They are much easier to identify than most messes.

Then you have the emotional messes. Have you ever treated a friend wrongly and an apology was long overdue? Did you ever borrow something and kept it so long that it has become a much bigger mess than you ever anticipated? What about a relationship that is falling apart? These messes seem a bit harder to tackle, but they stop us from reaching our true potential.

I define a mess as anything that conflicts with what is in your heart and what you have identified your physical world. Coming up with a plan to conquer your messes increases your chances of achieving wealth because you simply start to feel better about yourself.

You need to come up with some goals that can be measured and achieved. Goals like, "I want to be rich" are good, but they are not focused enough. How are you going to get more money? Try a focused goal that can measure results like, "I will learn something new this month to further my career."

Now come up with the minimum thing you could possible do to achieve this such as reading a book on wealth secrets. The target goal could be taking an online seminar about how to get out of debt or how to double your income. The outrageous goal could be going to a weekend seminar.

Once you accomplish your goal, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that carries you further to achieving your goals and cleaning up more messes. This is really exciting and stimulating. It has a snowball effect on attracting positive outcomes. Just keep going. Pick out the messes with the highest priority each month and stick to those.

If you are looking for the path to open the door to all wealth secrets, a mentored life could work for you. All of us have messes in our lives. If we did not, the Law of Attraction would not continue to seem like such a revelation to all of us. So many times, mentors have great ideas, but they do not have a proven tool to help gain focus. I have come up with a plan called The Future Generator that will help you get a grip on your messes and live the life you love.

What are wealth secrets, anyway? When you think about what money will do for you do you think about the material goods or the happiness you'd feel from being able to do what you want? The thing is that wealth secrets are the side effect to living a life doing what you love.

Source by Raymond Aaron

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