Making Money Quick – The Secret is to Achieve Goals Before You Achieve Them!

It's easier to do something when you've already done it before. That's why, if you want to double your income, you should take the point of view of having already done so – before you've even doubled it! Let me explain.

You see, you're mind does not really know the difference between a goal that you've actually achieved and a goal that you just say you've achieved. At least, not entirely. You can put your brain's gullibility to use by pretending that you've already achieved your goals. How?

Simply write down the goals that you want to achieve. Want to make six figures next year? No problem. Just write down, "Finally broke the six-figure barrier this year. I earned $ ___, ___." But that will only get you halfway there.

Next, you should write down how it feels to have broken that $ 100,000 milestone. Write down how it felt when you did it, as well as how it feels to be someone who has already completed this milestone.

Maybe you adrenaline shot up when you realized you'd achieved your goal. Maybe you laughed. Maybe you fought. What else did you do? What did you say? How and does it feel to know that you accomplished that goal that once seemed so impossible to you? You probably feel more confident. More relaxed. And the thought of doing it again now looks completely possible.

That's good – because now you're ready to do it for the first time!

What's with all the psyche ourselves out and playing make believe? And how on earth can you use this trick to double your income?

If you're like 95% of the population, at some point in the paragraphs above, you got lost in the narration and began to feel how you imagined you'd feel when you reached a new level of income (or whatever your favorite goal was.

And, if you're like every other human being who's ever lived, you find it much easier to perform a task after you've already done it at least one time in the past. That's one reason it's great to imagine that you've already done what you want to do – before you do it. Because it tricks your mind into thinking that the hardest part is already over. This lowers your stress and increases success.

It also activates the Law of Attraction. Or, as the wise old saying goes, "Them that has, gets." When you hold a feeling of success in your heart – even when you have not yet completed every single one of your goals – you draw more success towards yourself.

So if your goal is to double your income, go ahead and pretend you've already doubled it. Of course I do not mean that you should spend more money than you actually have. But spend a little bit of time each day thinking about how you feel now that you have doubled your income (or whatever your goal may be), and you'll be surprised at how quickly you make it there (once you've already made it!

Source by Raymond Aaron

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