Making Money On The Net – Really

Through the web, you will find hundreds of business opportunities. From selling coffee to selling cars, you'll find hundreds of things that you have the opportunity to get into make money. Yet, it is sad to report to you that on average, 70% of all new home based businesses will fail within the first three years that they are out there. Now, before you get discouraged, realize that they do this because of several reasons.

1. They are poorly executed, by individuals that are looking for a get rich quick scheme and realize that, well; It takes work to make money.

2. They are scams that were un-searched, poorly designed or just plain old dumb to start with.

3. The individuals that got into them did not have the income to put into the business to make the business work.

With that said, there are some excellent things that you can do to actually make an income from home. You will likely need to invest something in it (you do not get something for nothing!) And you'll have to invest time in making it work well.

Here are some things that you can do in brief.

Affiliate Marketing

This is an easy to understand concept. You'll design a website that is geared at selling someone else's product. You get a cut for the sales that are made because someone that came to your website makes a purchase. Often, you get a kickback even if they just visit the site. This is one of many programs that you can usually do together to make even more money. In other words, pair it up with other business opportunities and you are sure to see some profit.

Selling Readymade Products

For those that are looking to sell a product that someone else has made, check out these. Often, these are sold by the development of a website that promotes the product. Things like digitalized products or software are very hot sellers. People come to your website to learn about the product and you sell it to them or provide a link to where they can purchase it. In most cases, you get a commission like payment for doing this.

Think you can not just sell products online anymore? You can. In fact, you'll even be able to find products that are below cost and sell them with a good mark up as well.

Writing And Selling Ebooks

People come to the internet to get information. Why not sell it to them? If you have knowledge (or can get it) about a topic that others want to learn about, you can easily tap into this business market. All you need to do is to write an ebook (or have it written by a professional) and market it. This can be done through eBay or through hundreds of other methods.

Joint Venture

You can often team up your sales with others that are selling the same or similar products. By working together, you can hit a larger amount of people and pull in more sales. A joint venture typically splits the commission made as well as the cost of doing business.


Are you able to teach an individual something? If so, then you should write up an ecourse. This is simply a series of emails, of website information or any other medium that is used to teach or coach an individual. You simply provide information that they want and they pay you to do it.


If you are a good speaker and have information to sell (or that you can obtain) then teleseminars are the way to go. You simply provide a conference call where individuals can call in and listen to what you are teaching them. Of course, they paid you first.

Public Domain Products

Little did you know that you could use material that is labeled as public domain to help strengthen your business. Team this up with other types of marketing and you are sure to sell your product.

Directory or Review Websites

By creating websites where individuals go to receive a product or service, you are opening the door to making profits. Team this up with things like affiliate marketing and Google AdSense and you'll see an income.

Membership Sites

Develop a membership of individuals that are looking for your products or information. They will pay you monthly to use your service.


One of the fastest growing ways of marketing on the web, you simply put together an online form of a magazine or newspaper and sell it. You can also give it away free and fill it with ads to your products or website campaign.


Learn how to make money on eBay One of the world's largest auction websites. You can make an income, not just a few dollars if you develop a campaign to do so.


Blogs work well on websites. By providing information about your products or attracting individuals back to your blog, you can promote the products on your website easier.

Google AdSense

Normally individuals pair up Google AdSense with other marketing campaigns to sell their products. This is a way of getting a few extra profits when individuals visit ads that are on your website.


In the digital age, people are looking to stay connected all the time. With podcasting, you can sell your product or service or you can actually build a casting such as a radio show that goes out around the world.

Amazon Book Reseller

If you have books lying around your house that you would like to get rid of, you can become listed on Amazon as a reseller. Unlike eBay this is not an auction site. It's a great way to sell books that you do not need. (You can also find free or really cheap ones to sell if you do not have any!)

Opinion Panels

Why not take a few surveys and make money? There are many survey websites on the web that do actually pay you a good deal of money to take them. Once you find them, its easy sailing here.


Making money online can happen. You have to make the right decision about doing so though. You'll need to find the business that fits into your life and your needs. Then, you'll need to learn how to do the business, what it takes and the tricks of the trade. If you can learn this, you can buy it to learn through the web. From a little stream to a full time income, the internet is full of ways you can make money.

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