Looking For An Income Opportunity Home Based Business That's Legit?

When seeking the best income opportunity home based business one is usually met with a bewildering array of options from which to choose. To make things more difficult, they all promise you the moon and it’s very hard to ferret out what could actually be the truth about the business in question. Most places with any information about a particular venture have a vested interest in either selling it to you, or redirecting you to yet another opportunity in which to invest. Let’s look at some of the ways you can find out what’s real and what’s not about any particular business opportunity.

Perform a Deep Search Via the Major Search Engines
The first and easiest way to gather information is by entering the opportunity into Google and Yahoo and seeing what comes up. This will require digging a bit deeper than the first page, as it will be littered with reviews (all positive) and affiliates trying to sell you on the proposition. Dig a few pages further and if there’s any dirt, or any reputation management going on, you will be able to see it. If there are entries from sites such as the Ripoff Report, take the time to read the content and see what the issue is. While these can sometimes be erroneous, and the occasional grudge arises here, multiple listings of the same sort are a red flag.

Next Check Out Social Media
One of the best ways to gauge a company is by seeing what people are saying about them. Go to your favorite social media sites, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or others, and do a search to see what people are saying. Here you will likely find raw opinion, and you’ll need to filter out the emotion. Someone may have had a bad experience with a given company because they themselves are a poor candidate or expected more than was reasonable. Remember, you’re still gathering intelligence here.

Does The Company Have a Facebook Fan Page or A Blog?
If they do, go there and see what the general tenor of the pages are. If comments are turned off, and no interaction is encouraged or evident, I would question why? What are they hiding? It might even be worth a support ticket to ask a general question to see what kind of reply you get in return. If they are given a chance to respond and you are satisfied that they are genuine then I wouldn’t worry about the lack of social skills in their social media sites, though it may cause me to question other aspect of their marketing plan.

Add It All Up and See What You Get!
Once you’ve done this due diligence on the company and opportunity, take an objective look at the whole picture. How do they stack up? Are there a lot of people dissatisfied with their experience? Does this work for anyone? How do marketers feel about their own company? All this will give you a clear picture of whether or not to pursue this income opportunity home based business!

Source by Paul Clifton

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