Legitimate Paid Online Surveys – Why Are They Important For Making Money?

There is a great deal of money being made on the Internet through participating in legitimate paid online surveys. Thousands of surveys are being made every week and tens of thousands of survey participants are receiving checks in the mail or deposits in their PayPal accounts every month.

Large companies need to know what consumers are thinking, what they prefer, how they perceive different products. Market research to discover, test and understand consumer opinion gives the big company sponsors of surveys, focus groups and product testing the vital information they need.

More than $ 250 billion gets spent every year, in the US alone, to advertise and promote products and services. $ 700-800 million goes to market research to get the answers needed for product planning and guidance in spending this $ 250 + billion effectively. Many tens of millions of dollars go directly to survey participants.

But 20% of this money paid to survey participants goes to those who participate in 80% of the surveys. The other 80% of the money is paid out for legitimate paid online surveys, which are possibly 20% of the surveys made.

The difference here is in how survey makers decide to allocate and spend the money they get for making surveys. About 20% of them treat participants with respect, ask serious questions, pay them a fair compensation and protect their privacy. They make legitimate paid online surveys.

Approximately 80% try to keep a larger portion of the survey budget for themselves. They treat survey participants as people to be exploited, frequently promising much and delivering little. These low-pay / no-pay survey makers pay out little to participants, keep most for themselves and have high participant turnover.

To make money as a survey participant it is absolutely crucial to have a good list of survey makers to sign up with. You want to sign up with the ones that offer legitimate paid online surveys with serious, high-paying surveys. You want to avoid the rest, who will just waste your time.

Your first challenge will be to find a good list. Your second challenge will be to get signed up with all of the survey maker on that list (you will need at least 150 to 250 to make good money) and then further sort the list by your experience with individual survey makers, as they change over time.

To get a good list, look to good paid survey sites, where you pay a membership fee to get a copy of their list. Look for one with a strong money-back guarantee and a low (3-6%) refund rate under that guarantee. These will have good lists of survey makers that offer legitimate paid online surveys.

Avoid "free lists". They are made up almost entirely of low-pay / no-pay survey makers who pay recruiting fees to list purveyors to find them more recruits. They must recruit to replace their survey participants who quit because they were not making any money! You do not want to go the route they already tried!

Source by Jorge Chavez

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