Internet Business – How To Tell If A Program Is A Scam Or The Real Deal

1. If the person selling you 'make money online' information does not even have a decent Alexa ranking, it shows he can not drive traffic to his site. (Alexa rankings are not strictly accurate since only visitors who have the Alexa toolbar installed are counted, but then again almost everyone (outside of the Internet marketing / same level playing field.

2. Look out for testimonials (genuine ones). If testimonials have URL's, do a WHOIS check to see if the website is not actually owned by the same person peddling the product.

3. Does this person have a business name or a company registered? Do a check at your local business registration website. Any person doing business illegally or does not have a business name is probably not to be serious about it (not to mention, they might get into trouble later on)

4. Do a check at the Better Business Bureau if the person claims to be a 'big company' or gives the impression of having a 'big office, with lots of employees'

5. Do a check on Google for the name of the supposedly 'guru'. Check out his Facebook profile, his MySpace profile, and try to size up whatever he's the real deal (you'll pick up certain 'cues' on whenever they're genuine, such as their wall posts, personal profile etc) 🙂

Frankly, I'd bet that most 'make money online' schemes are fly-by-night. But hey, we already knew that!

So be careful before you buy the product on 'making money online' or 'getting rich quick'. You do not wan t to be burnt, do you actually want to make a living online right?

Source by Fabian Tan

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