Improve Staff Morale With Employee Satisfaction Survey

I had a tough time trying to sell the benefits of employee satisfaction surveys to the old man – my boss. When I was a junior staff, I provided my boss with the information on the morale of the ground staff. At that point in time, the staff morale was very low. My boss are the traditional type and do not believe in the benefits of employee satisfaction surveys. He prefers very much to be in control of things and love the military way of running business. He will make sure everyone know his preference and expect all the staff below him to follow his order without any question. Today, things are a little different and that approach no longer work well. Staff work well today when they are happy.

After much persuasion, my boss finally possessed in the idea of ​​having employee survey. Now, the difficult part is in coming up with the right survey questions. It was not as easy as initially thought. This was because morale is at all time low then and a poorly structure surveys will definitely yield bad feedback altogether, which my boss may not be able to take it.

So I took great pains to design the near perfect surveys. In a big company, employee satisfaction surveys would need to have a lot of quantifiable questions to begin with. Since our company has only about 30 people, I had the survey to allow a lot of space for personal feedback. I was taking a gamble that people would not be quite as critical in print as they would with questions that were meant to gauge their happiness. Thank goodness, I was right. By allowing the staff to voice what needed improvement the most, I was able to gather some really good feedback that was also insufficiently understated. Although the boss grumbled and cursed at the beginning, he took the employment satisfaction surveys to heart at the end. It has only been a few weeks since the survey ended, but the corporate culture has already started to change.

Source by Andy Pang

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