Ideas & Tips To Start Making Money From Your Online Home Business

Those who are working in a job only have a few hours a day to devote to their online home business. Some may choose to rise early and put in an hour or two of work before joining the daily commute, others will start working on their online home business when they return from their day job, a few will go the extra mile and work both early morning and evening in an effort to start making money online.

When you only have a very limited time to devote to your online home business it is critical that every minute is used productively.

The internet has to be the easiest place in the world to get side-tracked. It just takes notice of a new email having arrived and we click on the inbox to check it out. This could be an interesting email that leads to a really intriguing website that has no relevance to an online home business, but holds your attention and you may even find other interesting links on that website to further distract you.

Then you come to your senses and try to think back to what you were originally doing before the email arrived, you close down all the browsers that are proof to how distracted you were and return to the job you were involved in.

Perhaps you were busy submitting an article to an article directory and you find now that the site has timed out, so you have to start again.

Maybe you were in the middle of writing an article when you got distracted and now you have lost your train of thought and writer's block has temporarily set in.

Or even worse you hunt for the webpage that you were working on and it is no longer there. Maybe one of the links you clicked on in the email opened in the same browser over the site you had open or you closed the browser in error.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? These are but a few of the many distractions on the internet.

Consistent, focused and targeted action is what you need in order to start making money online. You need to spend those precious few hours a day on highly productive work that will propel your online home business forward.

Set specific times to check your emails and working online with your speakers off will help block out some distractions.

Stick to your plan of action or training program. You will only go round in circles if you sign up for everything that comes your way and at the same time get bombarded with unwanted emails.

Make a daily `To-Do` List so that you know exactly what you need to achieve on a daily basis. Do not waste time continuously checking your stats, once a day will keep you up-to-date with your progress.

Try and keep your computer running at its optimum to avoid downtime. Delete temporary internet files regularly. Ensure your anti-virus program is kept up-to-date and scan daily. Remember to defrag your disk drives too.

Keep the contents of your computer well organized so you do not waste time looking for files, websites, passwords and programs. Open folders and sub-folders in your Favorites and sort everything alphabetically. Organize your emails into folders as well. In other words create a really good filing system that works well for you.

Highly focused individuals who only put in a few hours a day can often achieve far more in a day than someone working full-time on their online home business. This is because they have become highly disciplined. They have learnt to work at high speed. They avoid distractions. They are well organized. They accomplish all the tasks on their To-Do List. They only spend time on productive work that moves their business forward to a point that they start making money online.

Source by Cynthia Minnaar

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