How To Raise Buying Temperature

What rises buying temperature?

These, universally:

F – Fear of loss. This is scary powerful in sales – but you have to know what you're doing. When I sold door to door, this was about letting the potential customer know that I'm only in town for a limited time. This is effective because it's completely true. Fake scarcity is crap and does not work. No one cares. Stop it. We all know you're selling way more than 100 copies of that eBook, buddy.

But real, genuine scarcity for legitimate reasons will motivate people to buy, and buy now.

How can you tell your customers that now is the only time to buy? Ties in with U.

U – Urgency. This price will go up. "I know you want to take time to think about this. This is a bargain I do not want you to miss." It's okay to be a little paradoxical.

G – Greed. This one is pretty standard. Describe how your product and service will save the customer money and time.

I – Indifference. Do not be sales-y. People have their guards up to salespeople. Do not push it. Be casual. This helps when you're backing a good product that delivers value: a product you believe in. You have tons of sales to make and you are not desperate or needy.

E – Effect of Jones. So and so down the block is such a happy customer. Share positive reviews and testimonials to build trust and credibility.

S – (Power of) Suggestion. Before you can suggest anything, you must know what your customers' needs are, and how your product addresses those needs. Which, if you're selling something, I'm sure you're already quite keen on. Then, connect their needs with your product through the power of suggestion. "I understand the problems you've had in the past with X, Y and Z, and I suggest you ____ to stop this problem right away."

As always, the more specific and descriptive you are, the better. Describe the problem. A lack of something: money, time, love, happiness, energy, etc. Too much of something: anxiety, worries, debt, weight, etc. Describe the solution. Clearly explain how your product solves the issue of either a lack or abundance of something.

Paint the picture of an improved situation with your suggestion.

Used all together, the FUGIES are very, very powerful. You're relating to the customer, establishing rapport, building a relationship and sharing the benefits of your product. Each one of these is a step towards a sale, and repeat sales.

You using all your FUGIES?

Source by Laura Catella

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