How To Make Easy Money Fast – The Case Of Allan Carson

Allan Carson was a struggling photographer, who had a suite above me in the same building down town. As a life coach, I have met people from all walks of life, however, Allan Carson was an interesting case. The idea of ​​making easy money fast lends itself to a night in Las Vegas, however, this young mans intelligent approach and ideas were an inspiration. All I did was unlock its existing potential.

One morning Allan entered my office and my secretary Sue buzzed him into my office. Initially he came down simply to introduce himself as a neighboring business operator and say hi, but as we got chatting he soon shared that his business was not in the greatest shape and he was wondering what services I had to offer. In the course of that afternoon, since I had time, I spent it developing the young photographer, purely as practice.

It came out that Allan had a major line of credit that is currently covering his expenses, he was actually running his business at a loss and was using the banks credit to live on and prop the business! I asked many questions to try and expose the underlying psychological prediction behind his actions in an effort to help him. I asked Allan, why he wanted to be a photographer. He told me, he felt it was a way to make some easy money fast. I probed further and asked, why do you want to make easy money quickly? is there a reason for it? He told me he had a 5 year goal to own a house and he had just lost his house due to a default and was looking for a fast way to catch up so he could achieve his 5 year plan of outright home ownership.

Bells went off in my mind, and I had an "aha" moment as he relayed this information. I asked him why do you think photography will deliver that "catch up" money? He told me he already owned the required photography equipment and it made sense to try it. Suddenly I stand up. I told Allan I understood completely where he was and I would try and help him. I saw him out and immediately contacted a previous client whom I had helped with a similar problem. She now earns 5 figures per month. I asked Mellissa Turner to speak to Allan and explain to him her advertising arbitrage business.

Several days later, I had another visit from Allan Carson. He was grinning from ear to ear as I welcomed him back into my office. Almost Melissa had done a good job of informing Allan about her business model.

Today, several months later, Allan Carson is earning good money. Allan Carson was a lost young man. He had a dream and a 5 year plan, but his psychology was rooting him into a perpetual state of loss. Today, Allan Carson is not lost anymore. Because today Allan makes easy money fast online. He does it easily and ethically. Allan Carson does not need my help anymore, because he took the time to say hello.

Source by Terry Hart

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