How to Get Free Farmville Cash

Farmville is quickly becoming the most popular online game in the world. Over 60 million people play Farmville every day and it’s easy to see why. Farmville is so addicting! It’s fun to manage your virtual farm, deciding what to grow, what animals to have, and how to decorate without ever getting your hands dirty.

Deciding what to grow in your farm is the most important aspect of Farmville. There are many choices of crops and you unlock more as you gain levels. Some crops take just a couple hours to grow while others take up to four days. The longer the crops take to grow, the more reward you get for harvesting them. Is it more rewarding to harvest the quick crops over and over, or should you grow the slow crops and get the huge rewards? You’ll need to know things like this to master Farmville and take your farm to the next level.

Buying Farmville vehicles is also a great way to speed up your production, but they only become available at higher levels. As soon as you can afford to buy a vehicle, get one! You can plant, plow, or harvest up to four plots at once instead of just one. This will speed up your production by 400%. The only catch is they use up gas every time you use them, but it should be no problem to buy more with all the Farmville cash you’ll be making by using them. Optionally, if you’re tight on cash you can just wait for the gas to slowly refuel automatically over time.

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