Help! I'm Allergic to the Financial Crisis!

If you have not heard or seen the word 'recession' at least a gazillion times over the past few months, I want you to share with me which island you're deserted on, which cave you're living in, which rock you 'Re hiding under, which desert you just rolled out of … Regardless of your passion for keeping up to date with current affairs (or not), I really doubt you're unaware of the current state of the economy in the US and The single most common description of it.

It's not like I break out in a rash

Recession is a word that 'somehow' instills a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety in pretty much everyone between – and excluding – the mega-rich and the mega-poor. I mean no liability to either of these demographics, it's just a simple fact that the mega-rich have too much money in their pockets to care (and I do mean cash specifically), and the mega-poor have too little to really be affected , Beyond the potential growth of their demographic. So who does that leave? Well my friends, that leaves people like you and me. Now, I am not presuming to know you or your financial health at present, but I am willing to bet that like me, you are completely, totally, utterly, seriously allergic to the fear and uncertainty associated with recession and wish to avoid it's impact At all costs. Honestly, it's not like I break out in a rash or anything, I'm just not that keen on being sucked into the 'unknown'.

Recession means fear and anxiety for the worker

There have been recent daily, even hourly news bulletins telling us how Company X, a multi-billion dollar international corporation is retrenching / letting go / firing (let's be brutally honest here!) A few hundred or few thousand members of its personnel either immediately Egypt over the coming months; And we have not heard the last of it, not by a long shot. Many experts are saying this is just the start, the tip of the iceberg and if that's so, it's a scary, scary future indeed. Particularly so for those of us with financial commitments, and that means you and me, pretty much everyone apart from our mega-rich or mega-poor friends. I recently read an article by Robert Kiyosaki (author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad') and his opening paragraph stayed with me. He wrote, 'The economy is sinking into recession, and the Fed can only do so much. So it's up to you to stay afloat financially. There's an old saying that goes, "It's a recession if your neighbor loses his / her job. It's a depression if you lose your job!" 'So true, and this was written back in October 2008. Talk about prophetical. I sincerely hope this never, ever happens to you or your loved ones. I have to say that I really do feel for the millions of productive and valuable people out there in the work who are completely stressed by the nagging of the 'unknown' in their mind; Is today going to be the day I find out I'm not longer required by my employer? How much longer am I going to be able to pay the bills? How much longer am I going to be in a position to support my wife / husband / partner? How much longer will I be able to feed and clothe the kids? What happens if …? Maybe you're having these same thoughts, if not, fantastic! I'm guessing you're self-employed.

Prescribed options for treatment

Now, as far as I know, there is no known vaccine to ward off this scourge, however, there are some simple things that you can do to avoid financial and emotional destruction from the effects of this recession should you get caught up in the fear Mongering … there is hope! In very basic terms, I see that you have 3 options:

1. Ignore it, hope for the best. Hide back in the cave or consider joining the mega-poor I mention above.
2. Worry yourself to death, as one billionaire European businessman effectively did a few months back.
3. Take action! Diversify, extend your reach and multiply your value to others.

It's a concept I like to call, Affirmative Wealth Creation. Assuming options 1 and 2 are not overly appealing, you might like to consider option 3 and take some decent action. In doing this, you will soon realize that as an individual, you are not completely powerless in a recession. I would argue that you are potentially better off fending for yourself, protecting yourself from the whim of your master (or the term preferred by most, 'your employer'). Can you see where I'm heading here? Bet you can … let's see.

Vaccinate now!

If you had advance warning that your bank or investment fund was going to crash and burn, would you pull your money out immediately, without delay? Of course you would. So this is acknowledgment that with prior warning, you would want to change your investment given the option. Good. You'll look further afield, most likely at more secure, safe options right? You bet. Now, applying the same principal, would you continue to invest your time pursuing income that was under threat, or would you prefer to pursue income that was more assured? Assuming you've answered 'Yes!' To the latter, where could you pursue income that was far less likely to be affected by the recession at home, in other words, where is the safer income? You know this one! Where is the largest single market place that has ever exhausted? Ten points to you! You're right! It's online. Why? Because not every country has been as heavy hit by recession as the US or Britain, at least not yet, and the Internet can give you access to all of them. In short, if you can access a greater number of markets and therefore, a far greater number of income opportunities, you can significantly reduce your exposure to the nasty, nasty ill effects of the recession back home.

Your prescription is ready

The Internet offers you an incredible way to access millions and millions of people that want to spend money; People that live in countries where they still have money and confidence to invest, people that are continuing to thrive. And online businesses are doing just that, thriving. Some are enjoying record sales periods while other more traditional businesses are closing their doors. Why? Because online businesses have their fingers in many, many pies, so to speak. They have access to the largest number of potential customers and therefore, the highest number of potential income opportunities in history. An online business not only offers people with an incredible and unpresented income opportunity, it empowers you to work on your terms, when and where you want. Work from home, on the deck if you choose, at the beach if you want, choose to spend more time with your loved ones, spend more time doing what you want you want to do and when you want to do it. No more trading your hours for a hand full of dimes. It's your business, and with a global customer base that never sleeps, you really can choose your own hours.

How do I take my medication?

This is where it can get tricky. For the individual looking to get started in his or her own online business, it can seem like there are almost as many good potential business ventures as there are potential customers. Scary. What you need to look for is a reputable, proven system and / or product that is value driven, and do your research well. Search for a business opportunity that offers both you and your customer with something of true and honest value. For you as an online home business owner, that could be an incredible sales and support system, while for the customer, a product that they will actually use and really benefit from, sometimes something that will empower them. Then, search for as many testimonials as you can on that business and its products until you are satisfied that you've found a true shining diamond in the rough. People go online for one thing and that's information. Like many, I believe information is power. If you can do your research and find an online business venture that empowers you to confidently invest your time in a proven system that offers customers an empowering product, you may have just found the winning ticket!

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