Guide To Taking Paid Surveys Online

I'm sure you have seen the advertisements in newspapers, magazines,
and all over the internet that claim you can make THOUSANDS a month
taking surveys on the internet. Companies claim that by paying up to
$ 40.00 to join their club you will make thousands a month.

This is simply untrue. After paying to join these clubs you will get
a list of hundreds of sites that claim to offer "paid surveys". You will
then have to join each company one by one. Companies like these are
just taking advantage of the fact that the average person does not know
they can find the same information for free that they are charging
$ 40.00 for.

I have found several companies that will pay you to take surveys,
test products, and participate in online focus groups. They are all
absolutely free to join. And it is the exact same information you would
get if you paid one of these "survey clubs".

The truth is,
You probably will not make $ 2,000 a month from taking online surveys.
But if you follow these few simple steps you can make some extra money.

Before I go into how to get started, let me tell you a little about
how this works and why companies pay you to do this ……

Big companies pay billions of dollars a year to promote and advertise
their products. They pay market research companies to conduct studies
and find out how the public reacts and relates to their products. These
market research companies conduct studies of each product and give reports
to the companies that hired them. The big companies want to know what the
public is thinking. So the market research companies give everyday people
from all walks of life the opportunity to join their panels and voice our
opinions. In return they give a small payout for your time, usually $ 5 – $ 20.

Market research studies are conducted in several ways. Online surveys,
product testing, telephone conferences, and mystery shopping are some
of the more popular methods. And anyone can participate in these studies.

When you first sign up with one of these companies you will be asked to
fill out a profile. This profile will ask you questions about your age,
income, ethnicity, marital status, education, employment status, children,
and may ask about things like your health, what type of car you drive, if
you own your home and other questions like that. This is so that when a
company requests them to do a study of a certain group of people they have a
list of qualified participants. An example of this would be:

A dog food maker wants to know how women between 18 and 24 that own a dog
feel about their product. If your profile matched that they would send you an
invitation to participate in that survey, or test that product. There would
be no point in sending that to people who do not own dogs.

Ok Now that I have told you why these studies are done, I will now tell
you how to get started and how to avoid scams.

The first step to getting started is obviously finding companies to join.
This can be hard. There are millions of companies that pose as paid survey
companies so they can get your information and sell it to advertisers. You
will then start receiving lots of offers to buy the types of products you
said you were interested in when you took your profile survey.

A good place to start is
Wahmservice lists several paid survey companies and is totally free.
They also have a forum where you can find other people and information on
all types of work at home topics. And a blog where they rate every
"paid survey" company and expose the fakes. Whenever you are considering
Joining a "paid survey" company you should always check wahmservice to see
what they have to say about it first.

Now that you have found a legitimate source. It's time to GET PAID.
The second thing you need to do is sign up for a few companies. Some
companies may send you 4 or 5 paid surveys a week. And some may send you
1 paid survey a month, or none at all. It all depends on who and what
they are looking for at the time. The best thing to do is sign up for
as many ofthese companies as you can. I would recommend starting with
10 or so. That way you will probably get paid surveys daily.

There are about 500 companies you can join. Here are a few links to
some of the best. These are major companies. You will find the a lot
of other market research companies will use these companies for their
studies because of their large number of panelists. Therefore these
companies send more surveys than a lot of others.

NFO My Survey

GoZing Surveys

ECN Research

Global Test Market


NPD Online Research

Ipsos I-say

American Consumer Opinion

Greenfield Online

Survey Savvy

Survey Spot

Test Spin

Harris Poll

Pinecone Research

Net Ratings

Homescan Consumer Panel

Cunningham Research / Datetelligence

Poll Cast

You should sign up with all of those. It may take an hour or so.
But it's well worth it. Then once you get used to it you can go
back to wahmservice forums and find other companies to join.
The ultimate goal would be to be registered with a hundred or more
companies. That almost guarantees you will receive several surveys
a day. And will have the chance to earn lots of extra money.

After being with some of these companies for awhile you may receive
invitations to participate in focus groups. Sometimes these will be at
an office in your area or they may be an online chat or conference call.
You can be paid up to $ 250 for your participation in a focus group. But
these are not everyday. Maybe once a month.

Source by Chris Price

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