Get Free Car or Get Paid for Driving – Scam or Not?

Two years ago, when I didn’t have a car I was looking for a way of getting a car for free. Of course I checked all the local online ads websites “free” section but never found anything. People are not quite that rich or generous to give out cars.

However, I did come across several ads offering a brand new car for free or paying an amount from $200 to $3000 a month to drive my own car. The concept of this program is built on the bases of advertising. The companies wrap your car in vinyl decals advertising different products or services such as; beer, clubs, foods, energy drinks, restaurants, live shows and many others. The concept is great but where is the catch? All these companies charge a membership fee, then they list you in their directory and when a company is looking to advertise a product in your city – they review your profile and let you know if you apply. There is no catch except that many of these “Get a Free Car” companies are pure scammers. They take your money and you never ever hear from them.

Unfortunately I had to learn it the hard way. Over a period of 6 months I spent almost $500 signing up to all these bogus sites, however I was able to locate three companies that really offered the service -surprisingly their sign-up fee was lower then the scammers’ fees. Three programs out of twelve were actually real and provided the promised service. Now, in 2007 I am driving a brand Volkswagen New Beetle. I do have to pay the gas and the insurance – but the car payments and the maintenance fees are covered by the company.

If you are looking for a company that offers free cars or a paycheck for driving your car you should watch out for certain things:

– The membership fee should not be over $50

– You should not be asked to pay any additional fees

– They only offer reasonable cars – if you are offered a Mercedes or a Ferrari – you are being scammed!

If you want to be qualified, make sure the following applies to you:

– You are at least 18 years old

– You have a valid drivers license

– You do not have a DUI or other criminal records

– You must be a permanent resident of USA, Canada, England, France or Spain. You should also take note that sometimes you might not have a choice of car, however most of the time you are the one who choses which advertising to carry on the car. Ads stay on your car 24/7 – no matter where you go – you cannot take them off.

I do not mind driving a car with ads on it – it is brand new and I didn’t pay a penny for it, I can not ask for more!

Source by Alexandre Sol

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