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Everyone today wants to earn money quickly, and there is no better place to do this than eBay. You can sell your own unwanted items, that will surely earn some quick money, but that is not a long-term strategy (as you will run out of things to sell!) So give this a try …

How about ebay flipping? What is that I hear you ask? Well that is where you find items that are going to sell for far less than their true value, and when you receive them you list them properly and get their true value. There are three methods you can use to earn quick money this way:

Method 1:

Look for products that have a mistyped title, most people just search titles and they search for specific words. If someone is searching for a camcorder and the title of a product says 'camcorder' then if that is the word most people use to find those products it will not be found and will sell dirt cheap. Look at the counter at the bottom of the auction and see how much interest there has been in it to see if it worth watching. Although this is a fantastic way to earn quick money, lots of people know about it, the next two are more underground techniques.

Method 2:

This is a variation of the one above. It seems some people just do not want to put pictures on their auction, and that means payday for you. It has been proven that you will get a lot less views if you do not have a picture, which means less bids or even no bids. What you need to do to earn some quick money is find an item that does not have a photo, but the seller has some reasonable feedback so you know you can trust them, then bid low and try and get it! To find these gems then pick a category you want to target and search in the titles and descriptions for terms such as "no photo", "no pic", "sorry no" and see what it brings up! Some categories have more than others, but you will always find something.

Method 3:

This one is a bit trickier, but equally as effective. What you are looking for is items that finish in the middle of the night. Most of the bidding takes place during the day then people will not be willing to bid on these items or will just overlook them. To find these then you need to work out how many hours there are from the time you are looking up until about 1am – 5am in the morning. So say you are looking at 1pm, you do an advanced search for items finishing up to 16 hours in the future. Then sort so the items at 16 hours are at the top, then you can work down the list and stop when you get to items finishing in less than 12 hours. There you go – a way to snipe all the auctions in the middle of the night! A sure fire way to earn quick money when you realist them at a more reasonable time!

So there you have it, three powerful methods to filter the cream off the top of the eBay auctions so you can relist them and earn some quick money. Happy hunting!

Source by James Beckett

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