Earn Extra Income – How to Make Money Selling at Flea Markets

Do you need extra money and want tips on making more? You have definitely come to the right place. Flea markets are a definite and sure way to earn some extra cash. They can be very fun, and you can meet many different people.

Before you decide to begin your new venture, think of what you desire to sell and where you would get these items. An excellent choice to find items to sell is right in your own home. You definitely do not have to invest into a product. So, go ahead and do some cleaning and pick out old or new things from your basement, attic, living room, bedroom, or wherever you see things you feel will not be using anymore. Those items are only going to continue to sit around the house and collect dust.

If your desire is to invest in your flea market business, storage auctions would be an excellent investment. Storage auctions are held once or twice a month due to people renting the storage unit and not paying their monthly rental payment. Therefore, everything in that person's rental space is then auctioned off to the highest bidder. Once the auction begins, the owner of the storage unit can not gain possession of any of their things. Lots of people at these auctions have won units containing nice televisions, jewelry, washing machines, etc for very cheap. It is no surprise to win a storage unit for under $ 100 or $ 200. Try searching in the yellow pages of your local phone book under storage; call them and ask them when the next auction is.

Let's not forget wholesale companies and distributors as a means of investing and reselling. Google and yahoo search engines are very popular internet tools to seek out information. Type in wholesale companies in either one of the search engines to see desired results. You can also key in flea market items wholesale.

Most flea markets are open on Saturday and Sunday. Some are open on Thursday and Friday as well. If interested in when and what time they open in your area, do a Google search on flea markets, then type in your city name or state.

To begin your day at the flea market, you want to start setting up as soon as the market opens. Many customers love shopping at the flea markets early in hopes that they can purchase things before they're gone. Renting the space, tables, or booths are fairly inexpensive. In many cases, the prices to rent can range between $ 8.00 and $ 30.00 depending on the flea market. Most of the time, flea markets provide tables for you, but still bring your own fold up tables.

Do not forget to make deals. If your prices are too high, many times the customer will walk away seeking out better deals. If you quote a price that is too high, the customer may try to talk you down to a lower price. This is OK because this is how you would make money in the flea markets. People are there looking for bargains and deals.

My husband and I sell at the flea market almost every weekend. By making people deals, we sold most of our inventory. We profit between $ 100 and $ 700 per week.

Money can be a little tight these days, and thinking of a plan b is a necessity. With lots of prayer, dedication, and persistence, this task can be quite simple. Selling at a flea market can be just the answer. It's fun, easy, and you can definitely earn a lot of cash.

Source by April Fitzgerald

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