Doing Internet Business – Is it Torture Or Fun?

Are you involved in doing internet business where you are making those torturing phone calls all day? Are you buying leads? Are you making cold calls to people who hang up on you, or say they are not interested? Are people calling you with your online stores and constantly complaining about the product and wanting to send it back? Do you feel like the phone is permanently glued to your ear?

I have run online marketing stores for the past two years. I continually had people calling me about the products to the point I did not want to answer my phone anymore. I started searching online for a different business to get into and found that 99% of the systems that were making real money with the larger contracts expected their consultants to buy leads and call them all day. Since I had previously been a real estate agent and tasted how fun it was to cold call For Sale by Owners, and people who's homes had been on the market and the listing Expired, I knew I never wanted to make cold calls again.

Twenty Five Thousand Dollars later after trying just about every system out there, I found one that not only has huge commissions of $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 but they also have a team of professionals that does the cold calling for you. So now the question about if doing the internet business is torture or fun is finally answered FUN.

No cold calling and if anyone ever has a complaint the team handles that too. Although complaints are few and far between with many making a 6 figure income the first year.

Source by Lydia Parrott

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