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With everyone being affected by recession, the government of the United States of America is doing everything it can in order to help the economy survive. After the successful launch of Cash for Clunkers, the US government is again cooking something under its sleeves known as Cash for Refrigerators. This program aims to support the appliance industry by giving out rebates which range from $50 to $200.

For example, if your family has been saving money a lot lately and in order to do so have bought an inefficient home appliance, should you decide to buy an efficient model of home appliance the government will give you a rebate for the inefficient ones you bought before. The idea of this program is to help boost the appliance industry. It cannot be denied that when consumers started to save monies and refuse to buy, the industry and the economy will die. Hence, the government must think of ways where they can encourage people to buy to get the economy going.

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To get the rebate, simply walk-in to an appliance shop and purchase an efficient home appliance. Right there and then, you will be entitled for a rebate. We could expect more of this kind of program in the future until such a time that the economy of the United States of America has already recovered from recession that is affecting not just the country but the entire world.

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