Can You Really Earn Money While Online?

Okay, let's lay it out here: can you actually earn money while online?

Yes. But …

Sorry, I had to throw that conditional 'but' in there because you deserve to hear honesty if you are going to dive into the internet money pool and hope to swim.

The 'but' part of the equation is there for many reasons actually. Probably the first of which is the fact that when most people head to the internet, they expect things and results to happen as fast as results come back from search engines. You know … 'Answered in 0.0012 second.'

Guess what folks, earning money while online does not happen in 0.0012 seconds.

Now the reality of things is that if you want to go the natural way, meaning build a website and add content daily and eventually build up a following, that takes months. Heck, Google will not look at you seriously until they know you're not going to skip town any time soon.

But they will come and if you are patient, they will reward you with nice rankings.

Want faster ways to earn money while online? no problem. There are thousands of ways of making money much faster than the slow and steady method. The best way to do that is to find the latest and greatest "internet speeday" idea and get on the easiest, least complicated ones right as they come up. Internet speedway ideas are just fancy ways of saying the newest internet marketing plans that have instant gravity (popularity) and has people throwing themselves at.

Your best best with these is to simply build opt-in pages (that Google deems acceptable) and start growing a list for yourself.

So if you're wondering if I earn money while online, the answer is that I do. I just go the slow and steady route. Because I'm in this for the long haul. Happy new year !.

Source by Kevin D Browne

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