Best Legitimate Home Based Business – Find One in 6 Easy Steps

There are many different ways to find the best legitimate home based business these days. Some may stumble across it while searching online for a new job. Others many be persuaded to attend a meeting or home party by a friend, co-worker or family member. Which ever way it is, a home-based business is becoming more main stream then ever. There are 6 easy steps to follow when trying to find the best legitimate home based business.

1. What does the Founder of the home-based business have to hide?

Once you find the best legitimate home based business that you think you can call home. You should do extensive research on that opportunity. I repeat, " Do intensive research ." The first task should be a background check on the owner and company. The easiest way to do this would be a simple Google search. Start out by typing "owner name SCAM" or "company name SCAM" (make sure you use the ""). The reason you are doing a search is to find out if your new boss has experience with integrity. Some red flags would be Attorney General Lawsuits, frozen accounts, past negligent acts or a large amount of complaints online all saying the same thing. These searches will save you from years of failure and frustration. Other ways to search for content is scammer websites. Some examples are, or the FTC's main website. On these sites look for the opportunity you are researching. Then once you find it. See what people are saying about the owner, company and training. Now remember it has to be a large amount of the same complaints.

Once you finish the first search. Then proceed to look at the owners past work history. Ask yourself these questions when looking at the owner of the company. "Did he start his career as a rep?" "Did he work his way up the ladder of success?" You are going to want an owner who has been involved with building a downline in the past. Most owners these days have only managed companies and have never been in the trenches. If they do not have an experience in building a downline, how will they know what you need to be successful? This is like taking your car to get its oil changed by a Dentist. So make sure when you look at business opportunities the owners meets your qualifications.

2. What I need to know about Comp Plans

Compensation Plans can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Most distributors do not take the time to understand compensation plans before they join a new online business opportunity. They just jump right in and think a little hard work will do. This action usually comes back to haunt them. When looking at a compensation. plan; first understand what needs to be done in order to qualify for a pay check. How many hoops and loops do you have to jump through? This could mean the number of sign ups, the amount of product or service sold, or a combination of both. Here is an example. Company A: distributor needs to sign up 3 distributors and sell 300 points of product or service to qualify for a check. With this company if you do one but not the other. You will never receive a paycheck. You must do both in the same week or month to qualify. Now if for some reason one of your distributors drops out. Now you are under 3. Guess what, you do not qualify. On the other hand there is Company B. In Company B: a distributor does not have a recurring requirement and gets paid for every product or service sold. Here there are less hoops to jump through. This company will pay you for what is sold. Also when you decide to recruit, it will be a bonus. Company B's compensation plan pays the part timers and allows them to be more successful.

3. What Training?

The third category to look at is the training. Does the new online business opportunity you are evaluating have great training? Now when you hear the word training, I do not mean getting your friends and family, buying leads, or telling everyone 3 feet from you about your business. This may work for some, but the majority will fail using these techniques. The training that I am talking about is SE0 optimization, article writing, press release marketing, and blogging. Once you master these techniques, leads will be calling you. This is the type of training that will give you success and longevity in this industry. It will allow you to brand yourself and create authority on the web.

4. The Company!

The fourth category to look at when choosing a new online business opportunity is the company's origin. Knowing when the company started, how long it's been around, and how many pushes of momentum it's gone through is critical in your success. I recommend that a distributor never get involved with a pre-launched company. Yeah it's great you get in on the ground floor. However, a new online business opportunity will go through a lot of growth problems in the beginning. This can cause a lot of problems for distributors and customers. Also most companies fail before the two year mark. Vice versa, I also do not recommend getting involved with a company that is over six years old. The time to be a top earner has come and gone. The company has gone through most if not all of their pushes of momentum. Look at company like they are a hill. You want to position yourself right before the incline. This way you can ride all of the pushes of momentum to the top. Most top earners join a company between two and fives years old.

5. We have products or services?

The fifth category to look at is the products or services a company sells or offers. Here be on the look out for over saturation of products or services in the market place. It will be extremely hard to be successful with a market full of products that are a variant of yours. Look for companies that have unique products or services. This will offer less competition and easier position in the market place. Then determine if the product or service would sell without a business opportunity attached. If the products / services would not sell without an opportunity attach, it's probably not a good idea to join. After weighing all of the positives and negatives of the product / service, you will know if you can be successful or not.

6. Upline support, what's that!

The last category I judge the best legitimate home based business on is upline support. For a newbie, this is very important. Your upline should be knowledgeable and a leader that takes action, someone that can answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. Without this person, you will have to figure everything out on your own. This will mean years of trail and error. Make sure you pick the right person, because they will be your business partner, mentor, and friend for life. Here's to your success.

Source by Zack A Miller

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