Are You Killing Yourself at Home?

It does not matter if you're a newbie or a pro, this article invites you to pause, step back and take a good look at what you've been doing. Please share this article especially if you enjoy the read and see its relevancy for those who are just trying to make an honest living online …

Stop What You're Doing For A While. — If you find that you can not perform this task, that you need to get busy with some other task … something is not right. If you can not even stop a while to have a cup of tea, to stretch your muscles, to spend some moments with your loved ones … something is definitely not right. Quickly STOP then and ask yourself this question … What Do I Treasure Most?

Do you realize that it's so easy to work in front of a computer that anyone can lose himself / herself in the process? Some people I know are literally trapped in the virtual world. The real world gradually becomes a blur … and it's so easy to forget about things and people that really matter … The Internet World is Addictive Yet Unreal.

Emailing has obviously taken over most manual mailing as it is more instant, convenient and economic … People are forming virtual communities and enjoy doing so because they feel "closer" but are in reality not. Some would take the extra effort to meet up with the people they get to know online, but most people would not do so. It's easier to spend hours chatting away online, but to travel the world to really meet up … that's a different story.

What about our loved ones at home? Are we spending a lot more time communicating with people all over the world than with our own family members? Can you see how real a problem this is for many people? The Internet has brought many people "closer" and further apart at the same time. What Internet users need to realize is that the Internet is just another means for communication between people to take place. A good when taken to extreme can become an evil.

Many people who have tried their hands on making money online would not like to hear some truth about themselves, but let's start with cold hard truth that will eventually set many people free …

Many start out trying to make an extra income online in order to be able to ever spend more quality time with their loved ones … Then, they start to learn about things, do more things, face the computer day and night, and eventually fail in what they set out to achieve and even lose their loved ones to the flat screen …

If this applies to you or someone you know, then I invite you to listen closely …

The amount of effort and time you put into doing something does not needlessly yield the same amount of result that you might be expecting. In fact, if you're just working hard, and not working smart at all, you're wasting precious time that you can never recover back, and you'll be in for major disappointment …

Have a vision, set your goals, devise a plan, implement it, track and tally and analyze your results, and review and revise your plan, and repeat the process until you achieve success … Sounds simple? No, it'll take focus and discipline, and most importantly the correct mindset and disposition to success.

Let's look at focus and discipline. If we spend our days and nights just to surf around and waste time, we're not disciplined and definitely being unproductive and distracted. Just like a student sitting for an examination who's just staring blankly at a question instead of thinking and penning down thoughts that could help fire up the thought process and lead to the solution, we would be wasting away precious time and getting very little done. It's only when we decide to focus and discipline ourselves accordingly that we can begin to see results.


Here's a personal royal tip from yours really that can help someone who's caught in the money-making internet trap to change most things around:

Set aside a limited number of hours (say 2 to 4 hours a day) just for making money online. Any time outside this time slot is our private time. Do this in a gradual manner. For instance, start by sleeping no later than 11pm. It will be difficult to discriminate itself, but trust me, it'll be all worthwhile.


How does this tip help? It basically "forces" the person who commits seriously to using only a limited time to be aware of what's necessary and what's not. It keeps the person who commits to using time wisely wise and healthy … Imagine this: no more burning of the midnight oil, no more doing unnecessary things, more relevant focus, more results …

Do not just imagine, Believe you can do it, and Start doing it!

Source by Patrick A Chan

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