Answer Surveys, Earn Money – Control Tip # 1

"Time is Money"

Time is Money, it is often said. And they are right. Most everyone working get paid for performing certain duties during their 9-5 (or other hours) job. That's all well and good. It pays the bills, and I would not recommend anyone to easily give up their day job.

But what if you wish to increase your monthly "pay"? Some are able to put in unending overtime hours and can control their take home pay. But most can not. And even if you can, chances are the hourly rates for overtime pay is not significant (unless of course you are a lawyer or such).

Fortunately, with the Internet, a great number of opportunities have become more easily accessible. One of which is to assist market research companies with their surveys, and receive compensation. Sounds too good to be true? Not quite. It all comes down to fair compensation for your time and effort. They will not pay you for doing nothing, they will even pay you to provide them with a much needed service. You spend a few minutes answering questions, and you receive money! $$! Effective hourly rate up to USD $$ 120-150. Not bad!

So how does it work?

There are basically two ways.

1. You surf the Internet, ask your friends, and over a period of a few weeks manage to locate a useful, a dozen, a score of marketing companies. Truthfully, it is possible to do this. However you'd be investing a lot of time (then money) in simply locating suitable companies. Would not it be much better to spend that time actually earning the money?

2. By engaging the services of a Survey Search Company, you get automatic access to all the different marketing companies they have connections with. Usually they also provide you with specialized software which improves your efficiency in taking surveys. All of it translates into completing more surveys with less effort. More time for surveys = More Money for you!

There are a number of companies out there that specialize in searching out survey and marketing companies. One legitimate and highly effective one is Survey Scout. By signing up with them, you get instant access to a continuously updated database of marketing companies (in excess of 450), from which you may receive surveys.

Would not it be great if you could concentrate on earning money from answering simple surveys, while letting someone else find out where you can receive them from? And that's the whole point! You take control of your time, and earn $ while doing so! Answer surveys when you have free time, and earn money instead of sitting lazily in front of the TV.

So what's the downside? Surely there must be one? Well, actually, there are none. You initial thought must be that this is a scam, and they would run off with your money. Fortunately! It comes with a money back guarantee of 8 weeks. If you are not making money, they would refund the whole amount. Not that you would ask for a refund, after having made hundreds of dollars in short order, more than enough to offset a few dollar investment in their service.

In closing, getting paid to take surveys is a real business. Although you will not make millions, you will make significant money. USD $$ 100-150 per hour of answering surveys is a good hourly rate! Imagine a few hours a week, and you'll see how this will with minimal effort give you a real boost to your monthly income!

Try it, your money back if unsatisfied _is_ guaranteed!

I hope you find the above useful, do not forget to drop me a note with your experience, especially your earnings. I'd love to hear from you!

As previously mentioned I wanted to share some opportunities available out there. If you have not read my initial post, I recommend you do so first.

Until next!

Dave L.

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