5 Reasons Not To Start A Blog Today

The Internet is a wonderful invention. Doing research and sending email have made our lives simpler and in many ways better. As the dot com bust of the late 1990's proved nothing is perfect.

The Internet is great for creating and ruining fads. One of these could have already hit you. I am talking about blogging. You know, an online diary the allows you to log your thoughts on the world wide web. If for some reason you have not started your blog yet please do not. Here are 5 reasons not to start a blog today.

1. Be different

If it is true that new blog is started every second somewhere in the world than everyone is doing it. Not you. You march to the beat of a different drummer and will not join the crowd on blogging. This is a very good reason not to start a blog today.

2. You do not know how to write

Never mind that if you can speak you can write. All you need is a good spell checker and you are on your way. No way it could be that easy. Because you really do not know how to speak or write this is a very good reason not to start your blog.

3. You do not want to hire someone to write

Because search engines are craving information and a blog is a great way to provide that you could just hire a blog writer and probably develop a decent blog with no effort on your part. But then you would have to pay $ 5 to $ 7 for 200-300 word posts in your blog and that is out of the question. Because of the out of this world prices to hire a blog writer this is another good reason not to start a blog today.

4. You are a quitter

The Internet is cluttered with useless crap that no one is interested in. Websites that look like a 2 year old built them are a waste of valuable web space. Blogs that have 2 weeks of content and are 1 year old are just as bad. Do you know how many blogs were started and then dropped like a hot potato. Most of them. Since you quit everything you start on the Internet this is a good reason not to start a blog of your own today.

For whatever reason while I was writing this over 1800 blogs were started. Some think they will get rich on their blog and you and I both know that is not true. So I guess this is reason number 5 not to start a blog today. The odds of you ever making any money on a blog are not very good. Why Try!

Source by Jeff Schuman

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